How to Nourish Your Brain for Better Mental Health with Dr. Drew Ramsey

Have you ever noticed the ways food impacts how you feel, not just physically but mentally as well?

The latest advances and research in neuroscience now confirm that certain foods such as fruits, greens, nuts, seeds, seafood, healthy fats (and dark chocolate!) can help us stay motivated and upbeat while others, such as processed foods and refined sugar, can drag us down and dampen our spirits.

Dr. Drew Ramsey is a pioneer in the emerging field of Nutritional Psychiatry and one of the most influential voices on using food to support our mental well-being. As the founder of the Brain Food Clinic and author of Eat To Beat Depression and Anxiety, he believes that every time we sit down to eat, we have an opportunity to put our brain in “grow mode,” feed our microbiome and foster optimal brain health.

With depression and anxiety disorders affecting more than fifty-eight million people in the United States alone, we need to think about our mental health just as much as we think about our physical health. Dr. Ramsey not only delivers the most cutting edge-science and actionable tips to nourish your brain for your mental fitness, but his empowering approach also makes it flexible, customizable, and even fun.

You’ll feel inspired to take care of your most important organ and put your brain on a pedestal where it belongs. (It’s just what the doctor ordered!)

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to honor your emotions and your nervous system, especially during transitional times
  • The different food categories and ingredients to achieve greater mental health
  • Myths and facts about seafood and why DHA and Omega-3 fats are so important for brain health
  • Why BDNF is essential and how to eat to support it
  • What a Nutritional Psychiatrist eats in a day for optimal brain health
  • How to feel in alignment with your food values while nourishing your brain

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