How Walking Can Improve Your Mind, Body, and Mood with Joyce Shulman

Did you know that a regular walking practice can improve your mood, lower stress levels, reduce your risk of several types of cancer, enhance cognitive function, combat depression, and add years to your life?

Joyce Shulman, founder of 99 Walks and Jetti Fitness, is on a mission to get a million women walking and reaping all these benefits. But instead of just going on a ‘walk,’ Joyce encourages intentional walking more than meeting a ‘magic number’ step goal.

Through the 99 Walks app, Joyce has created communities and encouraged women to take ownership of their minds, their bodies, and their moods through the simple act of lacing up their sneakers and walking together.

Joyce shares not only how healing walking can be both physically and mentally, but also why we should consider it an integral part of our wellness toolkit! In fact, she emphasizes that developing a walking practice can aid your mindfulness journey and boost creativity more than other forms of exercise.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How walking can positively impact your relationship with food 
  • The ways intentional walking can help you deal with stress, improve your mind, and tune into your body
  • Why walking can ease loneliness and build relationships
  • The myth of 10,000 steps and how to personalize your goals

Bottom line: There are so many benefits to lacing up your shoes and going for a walk. You’ll discover some not so obvious ones in this conversation!

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