How Yoga Can Help Heal Your Food Story with Heidi Kristoffer

How many times have you been told to “connect to your body?” It’s not an easy thing to do – for any of us – when we’ve been disconnected from our own internal messages for so long. But, reconnecting to your inner wisdom is the essential first step in healing your food story… and something we all can do!

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story episode #28 with Heidi Kristoffer. Rated one of the Hottest Trainers in America by Shape Magazine and most inspiring yoga teachers in the world by DoYouYoga, Heidi inspires thousands of people to use yoga as a powerful tool to strengthen the connection to your mind and body.

In this episode, Heidi shares her journey from being an overworked actress flooded with disempowering messages to how she stumbled into yoga and experienced a huge awakening. By embracing the lessons that she learned on the yoga mat, Heidi was able to ditch the obsessive calorie counting and “not good enough” mentality for a more nourished way of eating and being.

Now, after years of feeling more grounded and centered than ever, Heidi is on a mission to use her social media channels and live and online classes to make yoga, health, strength, and whole, happy living accessible to everyone. Tune in and learn why yoga is a transformative catalyst for so many things, including rewriting your food story!

“You are enough. Exactly the way you are. Simply by existing. The universe created you to be perfect. You just have to remember.” ~ Heidi Kristoffer

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to release the “not good enough” mentality and start to believe in yourself
  • Ways yoga can help you transition from a mindset of deprivation (and rigidity) with food to one of pure nourishment
  • How to tap into the power of your mind over your body
  • Exactly how the lessons on the yoga mat can be taken off the mat and practiced in life
  • Why you need to find your voice and become a champion for your own body
  • Ways to make living with food allergies easier and less stressful
  • Why meditation can help you tune into how you want to feel
  • How to safely practice yoga during or after an injury
  • Creative ideas to pass on a healthy food story to your children (or any loved one)

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