Tap Into the Healing Power of Spices with Raina Kumra

Do you know the key to adding powerful health benefits along with incredible flavor to your meals?! Spices! And you probably already have a kitchen filled with them!

Raina Kumra, food activist and founder of Spicewell, believes that the first stop when illness strikes isn’t the drug store, it’s the spice drawer. Growing up in an Ayurvedic household, she learned from her mother and grandmother to tap into the healing power of plants.

When she personally faced a family health crisis, she went back to her roots and changed the way her family ate. Pivoting from her successful career in tech, she then set out to create the first nutrient-dense and lower in sodium salt and pepper with Ayurvedic formulations known to help the body and mind adapt to inflammation and stress.

Now, Raina is on a mission to rethink how we spice up our everyday meals so that we can fill in
nutritional deficiencies and get the most from our food.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The ancient principles of Ayurveda and how to apply it to modern times
  • Ways plants are medicinal and how they can fill in for nutrient-deficiencies
  • How to make your spice drawer your medicine cabinet
  • Some common misconceptions about salt and the best ways to use it
  • Tips for reducing inflammation and restoring your body
  • Exactly which spices to stock in your kitchen

Let this conversation remind you that the magic to feeling good is in the consistency of small daily actions. Sometimes, it might be as easy as opening up your spice drawer!


“We're just trying to upgrade American pantries to be more nutrient-dense, starting with something that everyone uses every day.”—@rainakumra [0:04:32]

“Food makes the biggest difference when you're healing and it is not the thing that is ever prescribed.”—@rainakumra [0:09:19]

“Salt exists so we eat and enjoy our food, which, in turn, helps our digestive juices do their job and gets all the cells ready to absorb all of the nutrients.”—@rainakumra [0:20:48]

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