Why Sharing Your Story is The Most Courageous and Healing Thing You Can Do

Have you ever felt alone with your health and eating challenges? Do you resist sharing your struggles because you worry no one else can relate? So many of us keep our stories buried inside, but something incredible happens when you share your story… it’s healing for you and for those who hear it, too!

Aly French and Erica Stein, hosts of the Courageous Wellness podcast, are powerful examples of how sharing our food stories can help us heal in ways we never could imagine. While the two come with their own unique journeys, they both have a fiery passion for getting real and vulnerable about our individual health struggles. They believe that talking about our stories is one of the best ways to evolve and as well as empower others to do the same.

Aly, a performance artist, has always been interested in health and fueling herself properly, but her wellness journey ignited when at 29 she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in the muscle lining of her back. After three surgeries, she’s now cancer free, and going through this life-changing experience radically strengthened her connection to her intuition and her body.

Erica, a director and producer, sparked her passion for nutrition and wellness after a 50-pound weight loss that was fueled by self-love. By loving and accepting her body, everything shifted. Aly began to enjoy exercise, enjoy eating, and, most importantly, stop putting her happiness on hold until “someday when.”

When the two met through their spiritual practice, they immediately bonded and opened up about their personal challenges and triumphs with one another. Realizing the impact that speaking their truths had on each other, Aly and Erica felt inspired to create a platform to share their stories publicly and empower others to cultivate the courage to do the same

“As vastly different as our stories are, they still connect us to one another” ~Aly French

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why listening to your body and trusting your intuition is the single most important thing you can do for your health
  • The unexpected lessons that come with a major health scare and how it changes your perspective
  • The danger of labeling your food choices and what to do instead (Hint: Tune in to your body)
  • The truth about emotional eating and why there is a time and place for “mindful emotional eating”
  • The reasons food accessibility and affordability need to be a part of the wellness conversation
  • Why self-love is an essential ingredient in the nourishment equation and how to start a practice
  • How our mental state affects digestion and nutrient assimilation
  • Powerful (and fun!) ways you and your friends can support one another on your healing journeys

You’ll feel empowered to own your food story and cultivate the courage to share it, too!

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