Why You Need to be Using More Spices

Do you know the key to adding incredible flavor and powerful health benefits to your meals?! Spices! And you probably already have a drawer filled with them ready to take your cooking (and eating) to the next level!

Harvard-educated molecular biologist, integrative nutrition coach, and creator of Spice Spice Baby, Kanchan Koya, is a firm believer in the transformative powers of everyday spices. Through her online platforms, Kanchan has helped millions of people learn the cutting-edge research on all the ways spices can heal our minds and bodies and elevate our food choices.

Having grown up in India, spices were an integral part of the culture that Kanchan dismissed and took for granted. But, when her lab at medical school studied the cancer-fighting effects of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, the seeds were planted for her to explore the intersection between her cultural heritage and food as medicine. A few years later when Kanchan became a mother, she naturally started mixing spices into pureed baby food (Think: cardamom sprinkled into pears and sweet potatoes dusted with cloves!) Noticing the surprise and concern her American friends expressed as she fed her son these culinary creations, she saw an opportunity to educate people on the ancient wisdom and modern science of healing spices.

Now, Kanchan is on a mission to demystify spices, provide easy and fun ways to incorporate them into everyday dishes, and inspire us to intentionally cook with them for ourselves and our entire families!

“Spices can be a powerful tool in our quest for optimal health and vitality.” ~Kanchan Koya

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Cutting-edge science on the health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties of spices
  • Which spices can boost your mood and help alleviate anxiety
  • Ways to expand your child’s palette to make them more adventurous eaters
  • Tips on how to creatively incorporate spices into simple, everyday cooking
  • An effective after-dinner ritual to reduce sugar cravings and promote digestion
  • The top five spices every kitchen should have
  • Exactly what to look for to ensure you’re buying the highest quality spices (Hint: organic is best!)
  • A genius remedy to remove yellow turmeric stains that works!
  • The best advice on what to eat for breakfast for amazing energy and nourishment

You’ll feel empowered to head straight to your kitchen and tap into the flavor-enhancing and health-promoting power of spices!

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