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The 2022 Feel Good Holiday Gift Guide

The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide is here… and it's packed with mood-boosting ideas + experiences to help you and your loved ones feel good!

If there is one thing that I’ve learned over the last few years: joy is an essential nutrient!

So, I put together some of my personal favorite items. I either use these myself or they are high up on my wish list to give and/or receive.

Everything listed here is with the intention to create small moments of fun, sparkle, and magic into our daily lives.

This year, I divided the guide into five distinct categories: Cook & Eat, Sip & Savor, Rest & Relax, Read & Reflect, Make It Special.

You’ll find something for everyone (and yourself!) to brighten our days and add a dose of health and happiness this holiday season… and beyond!

Make life easier and more delicious with the help of these kitchen faves!

The Beast Blender: This is the easiest small blender I have ever owned. I love it to make pestos, salad dressings, and single-serving smoothies. It also looks pretty on the counter, so you can have the ease of just leaving it out.

Always Pan: This do-it all-one pan wonder has a permanent place on my stove. The ceramic coating is free of toxins, and it is so easy to clean. Bonus: For every pan purchased, At Our Place is donating 10 meals to Feeding America.

Le Crueset: I love this entire line, especially the stock pots for whipping up a fresh batch of soul-warming soup. The bright colors are instant mood-boosters!

The Vitamix is my most used kitchen appliance and now this stainless steel container has been added to their collection for plastic-free blending.

Reboard Cutting Board: This is a sustainable BPA-free cutting board that is made from kitchen plastic scraps and sugarcane. It’s dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Primal Palette: The healing spice blends are innovative and truly next level! I am well-stocked with this spice kit that has pretty much most things you need! (Don’t miss their BIG sale now!)

NutraMilk: A big but life-changing purchase that makes the creamiest alternative milks and nut butters in a matter of minutes. This eco-friendly machine is one of my go-to kitchen appliances! *Use code ELISEM50 for $50 off + free shipping.

Global Chef Knives: Every cook needs a good set of knives. It makes for a much smoother experience in the kitchen. Start with one or splurge on this 3-piece starter set.

Smeg hand blender: This easy-to-use tool is essential for soups and quick blending with minimal mess.

Yeti dog bowls: I said there is something for everyone, and these are my pup-tested favorite bowls for drinking and eating. They come in an array of colors and are food safe, dishwasher safe, and stay put in place. We have the larger size in our house, and there is also a smaller one for the littler fur babies.

Set aside time to enjoy a latte, a cup of tea, or your favorite beverage! Bonus for making some (or all) of these a new daily ritual!

Ember Mugs: This smart mug is temperature controlled through your phone. It also remembers your temperature settings without the phone as well. If you make yourself coffee or tea then get distracted and come back to a cold cup, this is for you!

Yeti Water Bottle: I have had many bottles over the years, but this one is hands down my favorite ever. Of course, I have the bright yellow which makes me happy every time I take a sip. That extra hydration also does wonders for your mind and body!

Brewista: My Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle creates a special experience that reminds me not to rush and to stay present. Just wait until you taste your coffee, matcha, teas, and lattes!

Matcha Kari: What you do in the morning sets that tone for the rest of the day. I always begin mine with Ceremonial Grade Matcha! The Starter Set is one of my favorite gifts to give! Also, I love the "Matcha on the Go" when I am out of the house or traveling. The Fermented Turmeric Tea Powder is one of a kind and a delicious ways to boost immunity! (Use code ELISE for 25% off!)

Yeti Soft Cooler: Bring your meals and snacks to work, on a hike, or your next road trip in this next level portable cooler. My son has it on his wish list this holiday season!

Who needs a spa to feel revived when you can add in a few grounding moments to replenish and restore in the midst of a hectic day.

Bearaby: I bought this cotton napper for my son, and he said that he has never slept so well. I ended up getting the luxurious velvet napper for myself, and I am a firm believer that it helps reduce anxiety and stress. To share the experience with someone else, this queen-sized weighed blanket.

Serotonin Salt Soaks: This relaxing combination of salts can help relax your mind, boost your mood, and recalibrate your system. It is my personal favorite way to end the day!

Sauna Blanket: In addition to promoting relaxation, far infrared rays can help the body break into a deep detoxifying sweat. I love how I feel after just 15 or 20 minutes inside the blanket.

Red Light Face Mask: This has been on my wishlist for over a year. The red lights help rejuvenate your skin, boost your mood, and activate a natural glow.

Rose Quartz Eye Mask: Natural Rose Quartz jade eye mask can effectively relieve eye fatigue, promote energy flow and circulation, enhance sleep and relax muscles. The natural crystal eye mask has a natural cooling effect that calms and soothes your eyes as you lie down and rest.

Vitruvi Move Diffuser: I use my diffuser every single day, and I recently splurged on this new model. It's cordless with a charging pad, so you can easily move it into different rooms in the house.

Slip sleep pillowcase: You know those creases that appear on the side of your face after sleeping? Not anymore with these special silk pillowcases that everyone from dermatologists to celebrities have endorsed.

Meditation Pillow: Whether you have an established meditation practice or want to incorporate it into your life, this eco-friendly cushion is a comfortable place for you or a loved one to get your “om” on!

Eberjay Pajamas: The most comfortable pj’s that I have been wearing and gifting to friends and family for years! Once you try them, you’ll understand the cult following.

Mini Theragun: The one device that all the guys in my house swear by for sore, tight muscles now comes in a smaller travel-sized version. Try it to help your body loosen up and relax.

Everybody loves a good book, cookbook, or chance to journal and release. Here are a few of my top choices to amplify wellness all year long.

Food Story: Rewrite the Way You Eat, Think, and Live: I had to put in a shameless plug for gifting my book to yourself or someone you love. It is not just a book; it's an experience with engaging worksheets, questions for reflection, grounding rituals, and recipes all organized by mood! So many of you have shared that Food Story would make a great gift. I agree!

Love to Eat: 75 Easy Craveworthy Recipes for Healthy Intuitive Eating: Nicole has an incredible gift of making healthy food easy and accessible to make. You don't have to be a chef to enjoy these creative and plant-forward recipes. Not only is this jam packed with ideas that will make their way into your kitchen rotation, Nicole shares her food story and nuggets of wisdom to make food feel fun and stress-free.

The 5-Minute Journal: Boost happiness and appreciate your life with these exercises that help you practice positivity and find joy! I’ve been using this journal for years, and there is a reason there are over 1.7+ million sold.

The Ant-Viral Gut:Tackling Pathogens from the Inside Out: There is no greater gift than the gift of health, and this brand new book from my good friend Dr. Robynne Chutkan is a comprehensive approach to help you build resiliency and feel good. I also created all the gut-healing recipes!

The Blue Zones American Kitchen: 100 Recipes to Live to be 100:  Dan Buettner spent years uncovering the Blue Zones, which are the five places around the world where people consistently live to or past 100. This hot-off-the-press book makes creating your own Blue Zone at home easier than ever!

No Filter: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful: This is the newest book I have added to my collection. Former supermodel Paulina Porizkiva shares her perspective on beauty, aging, relationships, reinvention, and finding your purpose.

A Year of Us:  Spark fun and meaningful conversation with your partner with these quick daily prompts! You might learn something about one another that you might not already know!

The Parent Compass: This book provides guidance on what parents’ roles should be in supporting their teens’ mental health as they traverse the maze of the adolescent years. For anyone daunted by the unique challenge of parenting in this pressure-laden and uncertain era, Cindy and Jenn will help you feel more confident as a parent!

Opt for Optimism: I am a huge fan of Positively Present on social media, so this is a way to bring the colorful messages and illustrations to life! The cards celebrate the seasons of the year paired with encouraging reminders to help us live our best life inspiring positivity, self-love, and motivation.

Any gift given with love is special, but these last few can elevate our daily activities in profound ways.

Oura Ring: (This link gives you $50 off!) I call sleep a superfood because everything in your life improves when you are well-rested. The Oura Ring measures a wide range of body metrics associated with fitness, sleep, and readiness, and more. I can’t recommend this enough for anyone who wants to feel their best and understand their body. I have the Horizon in gold!

Hoka's Running Shoe: You might be wondering why running shoes belong in the “special” category. These Hoka’s have changed my life. As a longtime runner, I know when your feet hurt, your foundation for your body is weakened and can cause a host of problems. Hoka’s are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn no matter how many miles I walk or run.

Dyson Airwrap: This is definitely a splurge and extra special gift! The multi-styler curls, shapes, smooths, and hides flyaways with no extreme heat. The newest version has re-engineered barrels, brushes for straighter styling, and a smoothing dryer. I made the investment when my hair became stressed and damaged and am amazed at how much healthier my hair is now after using it the last few months.

Big Teddy Birkenstocks: I’ve been a Birkenstock fan for years, even before they were suddenly hip. These ugly cool shoes are cozy while also being good for your feet.

Velvet Birkenstocks: For a more glamorous Birk, slip on these festive red shoes! I have these on my holiday wish list too.

I hope you find something (or a lot of things) on this list to add some sparkle into your life and, of course, the lives of those you love!

Wishing you happy & healthy holidays,


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