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Are You Waiting for the Perfect Moment?

There is never a perfect moment.  There will always be something potentially standing in your way, if you let it.

How often do you feel excitement about beginning a new project but then tell yourself,  "I’ll do it later when the time is right” or “when all the stars align” or “when it just makes more sense.”  You wait for that miraculous moment in time.  More often than not, that moment never arrives or the thing that you really want to do stays on your bucket list…without a check mark next to it.

The more you look for excuses, the more you will find them.

For some time, I have wanted to have my brother, Robert Sturman, take photos of me. There is something magical about his artwork and all the people who are captured doing yoga poses, from the simple to the complex. I see his incredible images day-by-day as they appear on Facebook.  All those gorgeous pictures in nature. I had a vision for mine: bright yoga pants, a heart-opening pose, a luscious setting.  I wanted my turn.

When my brother called to tell me that he would be stopping in DC on his way to Africa, we made plans to take those photos I had dreamed of for years. And as the day approached, I had every excuse in the book why I should wait and do it another time…I‘ve been under a lot of stress; it will show.  It‘ll be too rushed with his quick layover.  It might rain.  I need my haircut.  Big fat E-X-C-U-S-E-S, one after the other.

We all tell ourselves such stories, and we believe them.  Why not?  They make sense.  So we wait for the right time.  Whenever that may be.

What if we put a moratorium on excuses and stopped waiting for the perfect moment?

Ask yourself:

How badly do you want <your vision, fun adventure or next best thing>?

What is preventing you from moving forward?  Could it be fear? Rejection?

What is the worst possible outcome that could happen if you started, and it wasn’t the right time?

Just last week, I took the photos. I ignored the resistance and spent an afternoon with my talented brother, capturing my vision on film. And I’m glad that I didn’t wait for that "perfect" moment.

A few days later, I was having a discussion with a dynamic colleague who I trust and admire.  We were chatting about one of my “big ideas” and whether or not it made sense to move full steam ahead right now. Even though she was encouraging initially, she then suggested that I might be better off waiting so that I could take a few more steps before I began such a huge undertaking.  It all made sense…but then remembering my own advice, I wrote her a follow up email:

I have been thinking about our conversation ever since we spoke, and I have made up my mind.

One of the things I preach is not to wait for the 'perfect' moment because that may never happen...I am very sure that I want to write this book.  Maybe the message will evolve and take shape in the process, but I have the belief and passion to begin this journey.  I feel the fire and the calling now.  

That was it.  My declaration made it a reality for me. Just like that.

As Theodore Roosevelt said:

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

Maybe you want to: earn another degree, fly a plane, run a marathon, start a super healthy plant-based eating plan, go to your reunion, travel around the world, throw a party, plant a garden…Whatever it may be, stop waiting for that perfect moment.

To inspire you to live your life NOW, here are some of my favorite quotes that can serve as reminders when those excuses and stories make an unwelcome appearance:

Do not wait for the conditions to be perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect. ~Alan Cohen

Everything comes to us if we create the capacity to receive it. ~Rabindranath Tagore

Do one thing every day that scares you. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

When in doubt, take the next step. ~Regina Brett

Follow your heart, but take your brain with you. ~Alfred Adler

It always seems impossible until it’s done. ~Nelson Mandela

Question of the day: What have you been putting off that deserves your courage now?  How can you stop the waiting and take action to begin that new adventure?  As always, please share your insights & experiences in the comments below.


  • Jenny says:

    Another great blog post which is helping me live a happer more vibrant life. When you are happy the health thing all seems to fall in place doesn’t it. Sometimes the only person holding you back is yourself! Fear of success? Fear of less than perfect? And the fears and excuses as you mention are usually pretty silly. So cheers to your inspiration to taking things on boldly… To accepting great rather than perfect and then making it better later as you go. Thanks again for the liberating post!

    • Elise says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I love your sentence about accepting great rather than perfect. It’s easier said than done for many of us but a certainly a healthier mindset to adopt, especially if we want to feel liberated:).

  • jen says:

    thanks elise for the inspiration!!! and your brother’s artwork is amazing!!!

  • George says:

    Fortune favours the bold. Thanks for the collection of inspiring quotations. And your brother’s artwork is just beautiful and so inspiring. What a talent.

  • Susan says:

    I’ve been wanting to write and publish my own short stories, but I keep coming up with excuses.

    I’m currently reading “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers and this is helping me – and your post as well – to realise that I can do this.

    Thanks for sharing.

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