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The One Practice that Makes You Feel Good All Day

You know what’s more powerful than even the most restful Self-Care Sunday, or a block of time to yourself midweek? Your DAILY NON-NEGOTIABLES! Simple, healthy practices that you commit to, every single day, no matter what. (Because you feel infinitely better when you actually do them.)

To be honest, mine haven’t been so…daily lately, even though I know that these quick-hit rituals help to center my mind, soothe my body, and tune me into the best parts of myself!

Daily non-negotiables serve two purposes: they make you feel good by doing them, and they make you feel good by committing to them. When you force yourself not to “hide in your busy” and commit even a few moments each day to something that makes you better, you not only revitalize yourself, but you nurture the notion that you’re worth the time it takes to be your best.

Sound powerful? It is! Just as a long soak in the bath with a great book restores and heals you on #SelfCareSunday, small daily acts can be equally nourishing – especially when you commit to creating time for them each and every day. And that’s why I’m taking this opportunity to share my daily non-negotiables with you – and remind myself that they are, in fact, non-negotiable.

So, here and now, I’m recommitting to them.

Ready? (Me, too!)

First things first: for me, exercise in the morning is the most grounding way to start my day. Whether it’s a sweaty flow on my yoga mat or a serene stroll through the woods, kicking off my a.m. routine with movement helps quiet my brain and tunes me into my body. And that good feeling can last all day along.

Later, I move on to my second daily non-negotiable: quiet time with a Matcha Latte or a colorful citrus spa water to slow down and recharge. It can be as simple as five minutes to sit and reflect with a restorative beverage (phone off!), but it grounds me and brings me back to myself for the rest of my day and night.

Your daily non-negotiables might be completely different!

Perhaps you thrive on making an ordered list each morning – whether you check off every item or not, it keeps you centered and focused throughout the day.

Or maybe you find time to meditate in quiet moments to help relax your mind and keep you present.

You might make a point of eating breakfast sitting down, to feel instantly nourished instead of rushing or eating quickly on the go.

Or you could keep a gratitude journal to remind yourself of all the positive things in your life.

You may enjoy a nightly bath to unwind and prepare for restful sleep to end your day on a soothing note.

Whatever your daily non-negotiables are, they should be simple and specific. (Remember, they need to fit into your daily life!)

Rather than “I’m going to make quiet time for myself,” try…

  • “I’m going to read one chapter of a book each day,” or
  • “I’m going to turn off the TV and the music while I eat.”

Instead of “I’m going to get fit,” try…

  • “I’m going to do 30 minutes of movement every day,” or
  • “I’m going to schedule my workouts on my calendar, so that I actually follow through and do them.”

Before you overwhelm yourself with “I’m going to be more grateful,” try…

  • “I’m going to write down one thing I’m thankful for each day,” or
  • “I’m going to slow down while eating to savor and appreciate my meal.”

So: no more excuses! It doesn’t matter that I’ve been traveling, or that work is crazy, or that we’re preparing to move into a new home (!!!) Actually, all of those things make my daily non-negotiables even more critical.

Thanks for being here with me. Let’s support one another – and make ourselves accountable for achieving our daily non-negotiables, every single day.

Now it’s your turn: What are your daily non-negotiables for feeling like your best self? Tell me in the comments so we can inspire one another – and cheer each other on.

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