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4 Simple Ways to Get Unstuck


It can be so easy to feel…stuck. Old habits. Old excuses. Old stories.

Maybe you find that you’re having the same conversation with yourself over and over. (“I know I shouldn’t have this cookie, but I just want a treat!”) Or perhaps you retreat towards the same patterns of behavior when you feel overwhelmed. (Procrastinating, anyone?) Who hasn’t reached for the same meals again and again because we just can’t think of something else to eat? (My go-to feel-good dish is THIS, and I make it more often than I’d like to admit!)

But feeling stuck is just that – a feeling. And no matter how many times we fall into old ruts or lapse into old routines, all it takes to get unstuck is to remember that life isn’t a pattern; it’s a story. And it is always evolving. (Remember my word of the year?!)

Imagine taking a walk on a familiar route. Maybe it’s your street; maybe it’s your favorite path for a run or a quick dash to the corner store. Sure, you’ve done it a million times before. But because we’re always evolving, it’s different every time. The weather might be warmer or cooler. You might be taking a stroll for pleasure – or walking fast to complete a quick errand. No matter how many times your feet have taken those same steps, it’s never exactly the same. And that’s just like feeling stuck – you might feel that way, but you’re not! (And knowing that is the first step to getting “unstuck”…!)

The next time you find yourself on autopilot, take a moment to knock yourself out of that old track and begin a new one. Step outside of unhealthy or tired routines and take your evolution into your own hands. (Sounds empowering, doesn’t it?)


Remember, your past might set a precedent, but it need not be your present.

Instead of … cooking the same old thing… try shopping the seasons. Of course, you can find something new and different to try at the overflowing farmers market during the spring harvest. But what about that heirloom potato you’ve never sampled, or those hearty root vegetables begging to become a nourishing stew, or those exotic mushrooms you’ve been eyeing right now? There's always something new to explore so you don’t ever have to fall into a food rut!

Instead of … relying on labels… try connecting to your body. Are you devoted to Paleo? Good for you – but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it up to see what else works! Have you been experimenting with a vegan diet? Great – but don’t be afraid to listen and make sure if you're having occasional cravings, they aren’t trying to tell you something. (They usually are!) Flexibility and customization are key to tuning in and creating a healthy food story!

Instead of … living in the past… try changing it up. Maybe you’ve always loved running, but the cold weather has been keeping you indoors. What better time to try an invigorating dance class or visit a new yoga studio? You can switch up anything from food to movement to travel to reading choices. You just need to be open to new experiences… and actually experiment!

Instead of … repeating yourself… try starting a new conversation. Turn “I’m too busy,” [to meal prep, grocery shop, to fit in self-care, or fill in the blank] into “Maybe I’ll find time just this once,”– and you might just discover a new way to prioritize what really matters to you… and your health!

Evolving is all about allowing yourself to be flexible and opening yourself up to the change that’s always happening all around you. And when you make room for change, you immediately get “unstuck” – and that’s how you write a new chapter in your food story!

Now it’s your turn: Have you released an old habit or mindset that helped you go with the flow in 2019? Let’s inspire each other to get “unstuck” and evolve in the comments.

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