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How to Declutter Your Home and Clear Your Mind

This post is part of the series Make One Change a Month in 2021.

Together, we’re focusing on one habit or mindset shift per month. So by the time 2022 rolls around, you’ll have a dozen (or more!) new ways of eating, thinking, and living.

January, we prioritized sleep. And for February… we’re decluttering!

Since we’re all basically tied to our homes right now, it’s more important than ever to create a calm, inspiring environment instead of an unwelcoming [messy] place. After a year of doing almost everything from home, it is understandable that you might have acquired more “stuff”…. and it’s beginning to weigh you down.

So, if you’re feeling stressed or mentally overwhelmed, take a look around you. Is your house cluttered? Are there piles that have accumulated? A little clearing and decluttering might be just what you need to have you feeling instantly revived!

It’s a proven psychological fact that physical clutter has an effect on our mental health and can even lead to less healthy choices with food

I always say: a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind, and I know from firsthand experience this is true. (Check out this reel I made to illustrate my point.)

On the flip side, when you spend just a few minutes removing clutter:

  • You think clearer
  • You’re more productive
  • You have an easier time finding things
  • You’re less stressed 
  • You release stagnant energy
  • You’re in a better mood
  • You feel mentally and physically lighter
  • AND you appreciate what you keep

Although we usually think of spring as the natural time to clean out what no longer serves us, any time of year – especially the change of seasons – is a good opportunity to let go of the old and make room for the new.

Ready to try a less cluttered life to feel inspired and relaxed?! I thought so!

I created a checklist of things you can do to freshen up the energy and create a home that’s welcoming and an inspiring place to be.

Get rid of duplicates and scale down on quantities.
[  ] Do you really need three garlic presses and 26 dish towels in your kitchen? Probably not...

Toss items that are old and broken and that you’ve been procrastinating throwing away.
[  ] How long have you been saying you’re going to fix that old *thing* but you haven’t really had a use for it since it stopped working? Permission to let those items go!

Create a donation pile.
[  ] Sometimes it’s easier to part with things when you know they’re not going into the trash but rather to someone who will actually use and cherish them more than you do. It feels good to give something a second life. Do it!

Let go of anything that makes you feel bad about yourself or brings up negative memories.
[  ] That old protein powder you bought for a detox that left you cranky and hangry? A gift from an ex who was never right for you? You are allowed to get rid of things from past relationships, friendships, and experiences that take you back to a time that isn’t a part of your life anymore.

Digitize what you can.
[  ] Old folders piling up in your study? Scan and save them onto a hard drive, Google docs, or the Cloud, and do away with physical copies. Goodbye stacks of paper and old photos! 

Organize your room to fit its use and find an organization method that works for you.
[  ] The things you use on a daily basis should be kept within reach whereas special occasion items can go in the back drawers or cupboards. Making smoothies every morning? Keep your blender on a low shelf. Not really into toast right now? Move the toaster up to free up counter space. The same philosophy can apply to books and clothes.

Do a clean sweep and put away items. 
[  ] If you have random things in different rooms that aren’t where they belong, spend a few minutes putting them back in their designated spots. A cup of tea next to your bed. A sweatshirt in the office. Empty plates in the den. You get the point!


Remember: you don’t have to declutter your entire house in one day. This process can feel overwhelming, but if you begin with one room or one drawer or one corner, it becomes way more manageable... and dare I say fun. Try it, and notice how much lighter you feel inside and out. Need more inspiration? Make sure to follow along on Instagram as I’ll be having a fun giveaway (Hint: your spice drawer is calling for an update!), checklists, and experts weighing in on how you can make your home feel fresh and clutter-free!

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