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How to Have Your Best (and Healthiest) Summer Yet

My favorite part about this time of year? The slower pace, the longer days, the warm nights, and the chance to break from my normally hectic schedule… and pause. I’m welcoming the relaxed, carefree vibes of summer with open arms.

A change of season always brings an opportunity to create new (healthier) habits, and nothing is more empowering than a clean, fresh start, inside and out! Who else wants to get off the hamster wheel of never-ending to-do lists and overwhelming schedules and JUST BE?!

Great! Let’s get this summer party started. To help, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite and most popular posts in one convenient spot, so that you can head into the new season feeling confident, happy, and healthy!


Here’s how to start:

Ask yourself this question. Instead of being reactive to your food choices, proactively choose your food depending on your desired mood. It’s the most powerful approach to eating! All it takes is one simple question: “How do I want to feel?” Focused? Healthy? Happy? Radiant? Once you know the answer, simply cook and eat accordingly!

Don’t Put Happiness on HoldForget waiting for the beach body, dream vacation, or the love of your life to feel good about yourself. There’s fascinating scientific proof that our bodies respond to loving self-talk. Make yourself happy where you are right now (even if you want to improve), and you won’t just say you’re thriving – you will!

Put the Phone Down As Anne Lamont says, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you.” Without the instant gratification of Instagram “likes” or the compulsive urgency of your inbox, you can savor every bite of a dinner al fresco or linger over the intoxicating feeling of sunlight on your skin in the middle of the afternoon. Isn’t that what summer is really about?

Listen to Yourself  When you tune out all the external messages from the media, your friends, and your own mind, you can tap into the brilliant wisdom of your body. Let your inner nutritionist out this summer. She knows exactly what’s best for you!


Eat More Plants. You don’t have to follow rigid rules and count every calorie or carb to eat better. Simply fill your plate with vibrant fruits & veggies to add instant energy and nourishment – and crowd out some of the less healthful, less colorful choices. Need some ideas? I have an entire recipe section filled with plant-based inspiration!

De-Stress and Find Calm Feeling constantly overwhelmed is not okay! When you’re chronically stressed, your entire body is impacted. And while it’s not exactly breaking news that stress can take a negative toll on our overall health, many of us continue to power through and ignore it. But no matter how stressed you feel, there’s always something you can do to bring your stress levels down… fast!

Get More Rest You can eat bowls and bowls of kale salad and speak to yourself with kindness and intention, but until you’re well-rested, you’re just not fully nourished. When it comes to dramatically improving health, reducing stress, and impacting your quality of life, sleep is a superfood – so be sure to get plenty.

Declutter Your Kitchen – and Your Mind. Stuff keeps us weighed down. Those extra spices from your 2014 curry phase or that jar of unused protein powder might prevent you from seeing clearly when you step into your kitchen. Releasing excess instantly helps you feel lighter, physically and mentally! (And you don’t have to stop in the kitchen – this applies to your entire home!) Speaking of kitchens, here are the biggest lessons I learned from my own!


Bring Back Family Dinner. Remember good, old-fashioned family dinners? No phones… No TV… Just good, hearty food and pleasant conversation about your day? Why did that ever go away?? Bring it back this summer and savor the sensation of gathering your loved ones to sit down and eat!

Have More Fun. Do you take yourself too seriously? (I do!) This summer, make time for spontaneity, laughter, and pure joy. Get on a bike, blow bubbles, eat colorful popsicles – anything to feel playful and free. Remember, not every single thing you do has to be productive. And playing or goofing off does not make you (or me) a slacker!

Cheers to soaking in the sunshine and feeling happy and carefree!

P.S. If you’re looking for some ways to feel even better, I have an entire first season of podcast episodes to help you think, eat, and feel so much better, one food story at a time!

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