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Beautiful Food Tells A Story {Recipe}


How does it make you feel when you see a crisp, gorgeous photo of food – from a luscious bowl filled with a freshly chopped kale salad to a decadent, yet healthy chocolate mousse?

You might become instantly hungry, or imagine the list of ingredients it took to make the dish, or think about all the slicing & dicing and labor that went into the creation. Maybe you notice all the colors, and make a mental note of the nutrients and nourishment the food contains. Or it could stir a meaningful blend of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

All food - not just the images that grace the cover of a gourmet magazine or your favorite foodie site - but the food that you eat and prepare for yourself (and your family) comes with a message. And when the food is colorful and created with love and intention, it has something deeper to reveal.

Why? Because beautiful food tells a story™.

Food is the story of life. Food is the story of love. Food is the story of health.

Think about it: every meal, every snack, each morsel of food you consume has a message, for your body, to be delivered on a cellular level.

From the host of nutrients to the love and care that went into the preparation to the speed at which you ate it (rushed or with a slow relish)... all these little details are part of the story your food is telling.

The story reveals the way you choose to prioritize your health and take care of yourself.

The story reveals the relationship you have cultivated with food and your body.

The story reveals the example you’re setting for your children and the people around you.

When you rush out the door with your second cup of coffee in one hand and perhaps a protein bar stuffed in your bag, are you giving your body a message that it is worthy of nourishment that comes from eating and savoring fresh, whole foods?

On the other hand, when you purchase your food from your local farmer’s market or favorite health food store, or even grow your own, are you telling your body that you love it so much that you will choose the highest quality ingredients possible to nourish it?

Here’s an example of how food tells a story:

My favorite meal to start the day is a delicious quinoa breakfast bowl. {Recipe below}

Because I organize some of the ingredients the night before, it’s a breeze to make this breakfast first thing. It has just the right amount of protein and low glycemic carbs to keep me energized for a full morning of exercise, client meetings & emails. And I can’t help but smile when I see the gorgeous presentation.

So, what’s the story with the delicious quinoa bowl?

It’s a tale of someone who took the time & energy to prep and plan (quinoa cooked in advance, berries washed and ready to go), who allowed 5 extra minutes to sit down and eat before the start of a busy day, who filled up on a balanced meal of slow burning carbohydrates, plant-based proteins, and healthy fats for sustained energy.

It’s a narrative about a person who added a splash of color with deeply pigmented fruits and veggies to create a nutrient-rich meal, who values her health and vibrancy enough to make nourishing her body a priority, in spite of her hectic schedule.

It’s the story that sets the tone and intention for a thoughtful and meaningful day.

Now it’s your turn… what story does your food tell? 

Need some inspiration? Start here:

Simple Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

*Serves 1


¾ cup cooked quinoa (made in advance)* ¾ cup fresh berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries) 2 tablespoons walnuts ¼ teaspoon cinnamon Sprinkle of sea salt Splash of almond or coconut milk to desired consistency Maple syrup (optional for added sweetness)

*NOTE: For an extra tasty bowl, use half water and half coconut milk to cook the quinoa.


In a small saucepan, heat cooked quinoa. Add cinnamon, pinch of salt and a splash of coconut or almond milk to desired thickness. Place heated ingredients in a bowl and make sections with fresh berries and walnuts. Mix all together and dig in!

Question of the day: What beautiful food have you created lately?  Or what are you inspired to take action on right away? Share your stories & insights in the comments below.


  • Silvia says:

    Elise, I love how you’ve framed “food tells a story”. I think that in many ways we’ve gotten frantic about our food. We’ve become like the strict scolding parents that tells you everything we can and can’t eat…and in the process I think that regardless of how healthy we eat…on some level what we eat becomes toxic.

    As you so beautifully say, food lovingly and carefully prepared, arranged and eaten tells a whole other story. It nourishes us in ways that go beyond the nutrients in the food itself. It bathes us with it’s loving intent and comforts us with a feeling that all is well. And in this sometimes crazy world, isn’t that story priceless?

    • Silvia, you always have the most insightful comments to share. I love how you put it that food bathes us with it’s loving intent. We just need to stay in tuned with that whole part of the nourishment process.

  • Angelica says:

    Loved this! Your picture looks so yummy!

  • holy food says:

    Great article with excellent idea! I appreciate your post. Thanks so much and let keep on sharing your stuffs keep it up.
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  • I love this article because food does tell a story. I think we often forget the emotional connecting that we have with food. It’s about more than nourishing our bodies. Your quinoa recipe looks amazing. Can’t wait to try it.

    • Krystal, I hope you try the simple breakfast bowl. It has been my go-to energizing meal. We do forget the emotional connecting and story behind the food. Thank you for being a part of the conversation!

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