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How to Eat to Feel Extra Healthy

If you’re just joining us, this post is part of the Mood of the Month series. This powerful approach to eating can help make meals (and snack times!) way less stressful, a lot more purposeful…and even fun. And you do it with one simple question: “How do I want to feel?” Once you know the answer, you simply cook and eat accordingly. So, until the end of the year, we’re spotlighting a monthly mood and exploring ingredient ideas (along with some totally doable lifestyle shifts) that can help you feel how you choose.

You can read more about it here so you won’t ever fret about what food will do to you; instead, you’ll think about what each bite will do for you!

With cold temperatures replacing warm ones, the school year in full swing, the craziness of the holidays appearing just over the horizon, and cold and flu season lurking around the corner…what better time to focus on feeling healthy?? I know: You always want to feel good. But I’m talking about extra resilient, extra strong, and extra nourished.

Instead of feeling run-down and depleted, or (even worse) downright sick, feed your body these health-promoting ingredients and meals to give yourself an added dose of TLC:

Warm Drinks As the chill settles in, it seems pretty obvious to warm up with toasty beverages, right? After all, what’s cozier than a Turmeric Latte, Matcha Tea, healthy Hot & Spicy Cocoa, or a Sweet Potato Latte on a brisk autumn afternoon? Aside from serving as an inner space heater, warm liquids like these are essential for fighting off colds. Keep your body hydrated (and flush toxins out of your system) while wrapping your hands around a hot mug of goodness, and those unwanted germs are less likely to hang around.

Color I say it all the time, but right now it’s more important than ever to add lots of bright harvest color to your plate! You can’t go wrong when you aim to “eat the rainbow,” but just in case, there are specific foods with extra nutrients to help kick it up a notch:

  • Start your day with a mug of hot water, lemon, ginger, raw honey, and deep purple elderberry extract (an antiviral herb that helps fight off colds and flu before they start)
  • Sip an anti-inflammatory green juice with turmeric, ginger, cilantro, pineapple, and greens to wake up your cells and kick your immune system into gear
  • Stay warm with a piping hot bowl of Immunity Soup or Coconut Curry Soup, both filled with bright nourishing ingredients that promote healing with every single spoonful

Anti-Inflammatory Spices (and Tea) Add a sprinkle of anti-inflammatory spice – like cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, even matcha – to just about anything!

Gut-Healing Foods As Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” So, to feel truly healthy, nourish yours! I firmly believe that your gut guides your well being, so be sure to load up on:

  • Fermented foods such as kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, pickled veggies, and miso
  • Probiotics – add them to your gorgeous green smoothies, salad dressings, or even make your own coconut yogurt
  • Colorful microbe-boosting foods (THINK: cauliflower, broccoli, kale, blueberries, slightly green bananas, and beans) to build up the “good bugs” and achieve vibrant (and lasting) health. This gut-healing loaded bowl is a good place to start.

Voilà! Your monthly menu is now ready to go! But there are also some behaviors that will double down on the benefits of all that ultra-nourishing food and drink:

Laugh More Yes, really! Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, which improve your resistance to disease. So, share a silly joke at the dinner table or watch your favorite old comedy. Whatever helps to lift your mood will also help to improve your health!

Catch Your Breath As the end of the year draws near, it’s easy to “hide in your busy.” (I know; I do it, too!) But it’s more crucial than ever to set aside some time for yourself. After all, a slower life is a healthier, more centered life – and your hurried body and harried mind will thank you. Start simple: carve out a few minutes each day to calm yourself and find your center. You don’t have to meditate (though it’s great if you do!) – here are five more options for finding your Zen.

Get Outside

Move Your Body There’s a positive link between exercise and boosting a healthier immune system! Take some time today (yes, today!) and make an appointment with some kind of movement on your calendar. Then, keep it! When you treat your workout as an important meeting (with yourself) that you can’t cancel, you’re more likely to follow through... and feel great all day!

Rest Up The final superfood in our healthy regime? Sleep! And getting more is as simple as setting yourself up with a routine that helps you wind down around the same time each night and tells your body that it’s time for bed. Try a soothing latte, soft PJs, or a warm bath. Bring a little lavender into your bedroom to promote calm and rest with essential oils or even a Lavender Chia Pudding. Getting some extra zzz’s will help you navigate the month feeling healthy – and blissfully rested.

See how easy (and delicious!) it is to feel strong, resilient, and nourished? Try it this month and learn how powerful it can be to choose your mood, then choose your food! Stay tuned here for November and December moods of the month. Until then, let’s have a happy and healthy October…

Now it’s your turn: What’s your favorite food (or behavior) for feeling like your healthiest self? Let’s inspire each other to take control of our mood with our food by sharing in the comments.

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