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Sweet or Savory Breakfasts–Which One Is Right for You?

Sweet Savory Breakfasts

We can all agree on a few things when we’re talking about mornings:

• They’re much better if you get to snuggle with someone furry. • Coffee, tea or green juice makes them a lot easier to navigate. • A nourishing breakfast (made with love) can set the tone for the entire day.

That may be where the similarities end.

Some of us like to work out before the sun is up, some of us prefer to sweat after work. Some of us leap out of bed with joy, some of us need to be coaxed out with lots & lots of caffeine. Some of us do well with a sweet, fruit-based breakfast, and some of us thrive on salt & pepper and savory herbs before 9 a.m.

Which breakfast-type are you? Sweet or savory? 

A lot of people feel more grounded and centered when the day starts out on a salty or spicy note. While others need something sweet in the morning and can’t resist the siren song of sugar (even in its natural forms).

But many of us have been eating sweet breakfasts forever without even thinking about it. (We don't know any different!) We grew up with breakfast cereal or pancakes, and now we’ve moved on to apple pie smoothies or quinoa porridge  or not so basic oatmeal.

So I’m asking you to pause for a second and examine your morning rituals–are you starting your day off in the most nourishing way for your body? Does a sweet breakfast, even one that is perfectly balanced, lead you to temptation (i.e., sugary cravings) for the rest of the day? Would you be better served with a heartier, more savory breakfast like Sweet Potato & Kale Breakfast Hash  or Baked Avocados with Eggs?

Spoiler alert: the only correct answer is what’s right for you.

Let’s make this an experiment! Spend the next week being intentional about your breakfast choices and really, consciously monitoring how the rest of the day goes. 

All you have to do is alternate starting your day with something sweet and with something savory. Doing this on opposite days will help you compare the results more accurately.

Mid-morning, during each day of this experiment, ask yourself a few simple questions:

How are my energy levels? Do I feel focused? How’s my level of hunger—do I still feel full? What’s my mood like? How are my cravings? 

When you begin each morning with the food that best serves you and your body—no matter what you read or what your best friend is doing—it can shift your entire day. The answer cannot be found in a book…or on a blog. Consult your inner nutritionist, she’ll never lead you astray!

In the comments, I’d love to know—do you prefer a sweet or savory breakfast? Have you noticed that one works better for you?

P.S. If you’d like some more breakfast ideas, sweet or savory, I rounded up a few of my favorites here and here.


  • kathy says:

    Love that you are talking about broadening ideas for breakfast. It depends on the weather and what kind of activity I’ve got planned for the day whether I’ll be in the mood for a sweet or savory breakfast. On cold mornings I tend to favor savory and have been known to have chili or soup and on mornings when I’m running a long distance I crave oatmeal or pancakes. I love the eggocados and tried them yesterday! The bright egg yolk against the green of the avocado was like pure sunshine on a dreary day. Am loving all the recipes you’ve been posting Elise!

    • Kathy, I love that you know what is right for you. You made me smile with the soup because I also am a fan of soup in the morning, especially in the colder months. So glad you tried the beautiful avocado egg dish…and what a great name “eggocados.” Thanks for commenting and sharing. xxx

  • Rebecca says:

    I am definitely a savory girl!!! Great post and those pics are MOUTHWATERING (as always). OMG. Time to go make something yummy for breakfast, thanks for the inspiration!

  • Silvia says:

    Elise, good question. Usually you’re one or the other… like you’re either a baker or a cook, but I love breakfast…so much I have 2 usually. The first is coffee + a scone or some sort of biscuit. I make them myself so they’re not too sweet. Personally I don’t like sweet anything in the morning so I guess I’m a savory girl My second breakfast is late in the morning when I’ll have an egg or even leftovers from dinner. Go figure…

  • Rebecca says:

    Usually I pick one or the other, depending on what I’m in the mood for that morning. But today I just couldn’t decide so I had egg/avocado toast with a side of chia pudding topped with strawberries 🙂 Super pretty, too!

  • Jenny says:

    I have done this Kale and Chocolate breakfast experiment as part of your Nourish class (which I loved!). Great idea to separate this into savory and sweet to take a reading on your body! It takes training to tune in. The recipe collection is great too. Looking forward to trying out the pumpkin spice smoothie! Just got a new blender. I think I am a sweet person in the morning. I crave fruits!

  • Samantha says:

    I’m happy that I can do either for breakfast. I naturally gravitate towards sweeter options, but if I have something savoury pre-prepared, I’m good to go.

    One of my favourite things to do in colder months, when I know I have a busy week ahead is to make a big pot of soup (chicken vegetable is my go-to) and then heat up a bowl of that each morning. I feel great because it’s warm and filling, but also jam-packed with vegetables and flavour.

  • Nicole says:

    I’ve never been much of a breakfast person because I’m slow in the mornings — I like savory breakfasts but i feel like more “instant” breakfasts are sweeter and just don’t appeal to me!

  • Freddy Falck says:

    Never had I considered this exercise until I read your article. I personally prefer a savory breakfast rather than a sweet one but will surely experiment on alternate days. The challenge will be to find the will to stuff something sweet into my system when I get up. I generally have a very light breakfast with a lot of coffee to wake myself up for work! Around mid day, I do notice a slight dip in my energy levels. Let’s see how a sweet breakfast works.

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