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Tell Me Your Story

Project Food StoryI've always been fascinated by my client's stories. Although each has its own unique flavor, there is a common thread - a quiet battle stirring.

Women on one side. Their food and bodies on the other.

No matter how successful, smart, or savvy these women are, they all have stories they tell themselves about food and their bodies.

These stories aren't always fairy tales, either. Some cycle like broken records. Others go back to childhood. Others have never even been spoken out loud.

They start out like:

  • I can't believe I gave into my cravings. This is so like me to be weak. I feel guilty, again.
  • I need to deprive myself or follow a 'plan' or else I can't be trusted to make the right choices.
  • This next diet/cleanse/detox will be THE answer. I'll finally be happy and thin THIS time.
  • Look at that pooch around my belly. I'm disgusting.
  • I don't know what is wrong with me. Here I go again breaking the 'rules', and now I'm stuck in that motivation-to-frustration cycle.

Sound familiar?

Like you, these amazing women really do have the best intentions. They try to eat their greens on most days, get to yoga a few times a week, and keep up with all their favorite health blogs that hit their overflowing inbox. They're armed with an abundance of information on nutrients, exercise, best practices...

So... why isn't it working?

And why does all that guilt, stress, and frustration pile on top of you when you fall off the wagon just a little bit or break your own promises to yourself? In other words, why are these disempowering stories weighing you down, every single day?

Because you can't permanently change your outer self until you permanently shift your inner self.

The stories you tell yourself about food (and your body) are the missing piece to YOUR nourishment puzzle. 

The blessing in all of this? Because you've created the story, you have the power to change it.

It's time to do something different. It's time to stop beating yourself up. It's time to stop feeling guilty. It's time to rewrite your story - with a happy, whole & healthy ending.

Join me for

Project Food Story Erase Guilt, End Cravings and Stop Stressing About What You Eat

The revolution starts May 5th.

In 4-weeks of incredible support, a life-changing (and gorgeous) Project Food Story Journal, recipes, weekly audios, expert interviews, and more - you'll experience a soul level approach to food & body as you've never seen it.

In this program, I'll guide you to:

  • Let go of guilt and shame and embrace new, nourishing beliefs.
  • Ditch your less-than-fab habits (without dieting, restricting yourself, or feeling like crap.)
  • Approach food from a place of peace & pleasure, instead of stress and confusion.
  • Feel incredible in your body, because you've learned to trust your own wisdom again.

All the details are right over here.

See you inside.

Ready for a new story? Let's do this. Together.


  • Wow what an amazing revolution. It is so important to address the spiritual/mental side of why we struggle to lose weight or like our bodies. Food is such an emotionally charged topic, I think it’s great you’re addressing such an important issue with a great program!

  • Silvia says:

    My kind of story Elise. The program looks wonderful and addresses the real reason we fight with our food.

  • Sarah Koszyk says:

    This program looks amazing! Learning to live guilt-free and feeling empowered when it comes to eating and nourishing our bodies. That’s the goal. This program is going to rock!

  • Court says:


    I am so excited to learn more about your course. I feel that what you are describing is such an intuitive response to the general “fix-it” type solutions that are offered, as though we are broken. A lot of times those other solutions bring more shame than they do “fix it” in the long term. I feel like when I hear my community talking about dieting it is often in a last year’s diet or this year’s diet or the new fad diet, but none of it ever addresses the deeper stories that we each carry and that is why everyone ends up re-visiting the diet solution each year or the newest “fix it” on the market, promising to make you “skinny” or give you a “beach body”, as though the beach would notice if a variety of different body types were enjoying the sand and waves. I love your message and your heart and approach with it. This is much needed.
    Thanks for your commitment to great work.

    • Elise says:

      Court! I love how you described the current mentality of the quick fix… and the shame that can accompany it. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. I’m pretty excited to spread the message:).

  • nichole says:

    Elise, you really hit a spot here. Our stories define us. It’s funny how we feed ourselves with thoughts that do not serve us, almost every day. Your course sounds Ah-mazing! Let’s change the stories that no longer serve us 🙂

    • Elise says:

      Nichole, “Feed ourselves with thoughts”! That’s quotable. SO glad you are on board to change the stories that are no longer serving us.

  • Susan says:

    Awesome post! SO true! Mindset is everything. All I said for years was I’m so tired, I’m so tired….to myself and everyone around me. That ended with some hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. So glad you wrote about this!

  • Krista says:

    Wow! I love the power behind your statement that since you are the author of your own story, you also have the power to change it. Rewrite it. Great reminder the our outer selves are a reflection of our inner selves and taking care of ourselves from the outside rather than the inside may produce results but not near
    Y the results that we deserve. Thank you!

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