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Want to Eat More Plants? Here’s the Meal Inspiration You Need

Plant-based meal planning made easy

With 2020 finally here, millions of people are already swinging into the New Year, New You goal-setting frenzy.

It’s tempting to set an unrealistic resolution—like, “No gluten, no refined sugar, no alcohol, absolutely no processed food, and sixty minutes of vigorous exercise—daily!” But we all know what happens when you do that! (Spoiler alert: deprivation, frustration, defeat, and backsliding right back into old habits.)

This year, why not take a different approach… and set yourself up for success?

Set an intention that’s flexible, realistic, and sustainable.

Here’s a great one:

Eat more plants!

Incorporating more plants into your meals (vegetables, fruit, nuts, legumes, seeds, herbs, and spices) is one of the simplest, most affordable, and most delicious ways to improve your health. Eating more plants (and fewer animal products) is gentler on the environment, too! Good for your body. Good for the earth. Win-win!

Ready to eat more plants? Here are several quick and delicious ideas:

1. For plant-based inspiration, I always start with one of my favorite resources, Forks Over Knives. All of their recipes online, in their Meal Planner, and in their stunning magazine are gorgeous, mouth-watering, and easy to make. The Black Forest Overnight Oats, Nourishing Noodle Soup, and Roasted Tahini Carrot & Chickpea Salad have been on rotation in my kitchen all season long. They were a huge hit with my husband and sons, too!

2. Sneak in those plant-powered meals early in the day so you will be ahead of the game just hours after rising. Try a creamy, decadent, plant-packed smoothie popular with grown-ups and kids alike! Or pile on the plants on top of sweet potato toast for a plant-party breakfast all before 10 am!

Healing Winter Noodle Soup

3. Switch up your usual coffee routine and try a plant-infused beverage—like turmeric latte, beet latte, or sweet potato latte. (Yup, you can add veggies into a frothy, cozy, and comforting drink!)

4. Roast a big sheet pan of veggies—try sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic, Brussels sprouts, and chickpeas, or anything you like. Make a big batch so you’re all stocked up. Throughout the week, dig into your stash and add extra roasted veggies to your meals—throw some on a salad in a wrap, on a bowl of rice, sprinkled over sautéed greens, in an omelet, on pizza, or simply on their own. Anywhere your heart desires!

5. Explore the local farmer’s market (or wander through the grocery store) and buy one new plant every week. Choose a plant you’ve never tried before or haven’t eaten in a while. Challenge yourself to make a meal featuring this new plant-of-the-week. More variety = more nutrients and prevents plant boredom!

6. Sign up for a meal planner that gives you brand new plant-based prepping, shopping, and cooking ideas—every day! That way, you’ll always have fresh inspiration coming into your inbox.

Kick off 2020 on the right foot by Trying Forks Over Knives Fresh Start Challenge. When you sign up, you get tasty plant-based meal ideas, helpful tips, and inspiration—21 days in a row—for free!

Whether you’re a plant-newbie or a plant-based pro, the Fresh Start Challenge is a great way to get lots of new meal ideas to mix things up and keep the plant-based inspiration coming your way. (Because nobody wants to eat the same ol’ thing every day!)

Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes

What’s your wellness intention for 2020 going to be?

Here’s a quick format you can use: “This year, I’m excited to ____ because ____.”

For instance: “This year, I’m excited to eat more plants because it feels great for my body and gives me tons of energy.”

Whatever intention you choose, keep it simple, realistic, and delicious.

Remember: being healthy doesn’t mean “being extreme” or “rigid.” You don’t have to eat a 100% plant-based diet… you just need to add in more plants!

For some people, going completely plant-based is too big of a change to make right away, not enjoyable, or just doesn’t feel good physically. Please do whatever feels right for you.

Even just incorporating a few more plants into your routine—say, 20% more plants than you normally eat—is a great move! Your body will say “thank you,” and you’ll see and feel so many benefits.

More plants. Less stress.

Now that’s an excellent intention for the New Year!

PS. If you’re ready to go plant-based or simply fine-tune your eating habits, don’t forget to sign up for the Fresh Start Challenge for 21 days of meal ideas, tips, and inspiration—totally free! You might also enjoy the Fork Over Knives meal planner, plant-based primer, and plant-based pantry. Great resources to keep you inspired in the kitchen!

PPS. If you’re excited to savor more plants in 2020, these previous articles I’ve written could help: How to Get Inspired About What to Cook and Eat, and The Surprise Benefit of Eating More Plants.

This post was sponsored by Forks Over Knives, my go-to resource for plant-based recipes, shopping lists, and more. Definitely check out their Fresh Start Challenge (there’s no cost to sign up) so you can get 21 days of plant-packed recipes, helpful how-tos, and more—for free!


  • Beverly Rosenstein says:

    I believe you are an inspiration to up my plant-based game! Sweet potatoes, avocados, apples, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms & many more are my favorites. Baking & grilling with lemon & ginger really give it that zing! It can be a challenge but it’s well worth it!

  • Elise says:

    Haha! Well, I will gladly take on that role!! Sounds like you don’t need the support though!~ Thanks for being such a valuable part of this community, Beverly!

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