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Have Fun in the Kitchen with New Ideas + Recipes

We talk a lot around here about healthy habitslistening to your body, and creating more positive thoughts! But having a peaceful relationship with food isn't’s just about getting organized and rewriting the stories in your mind -  it's also about cooking and eating! With the warmer weather upon us, let’s bring fun and joy back to the kitchen and feed our bodies the nutrients they need to look (and feel!) their best.

To help you feel naturally lighter and brighter this season, I’ve been busy behind the scenes creating a collection of brand new recipes to mix in with some of the seasonal faves. So, let’s dust off our kitchen tools and head to the farmer’s market, here are some fresh and easy-to-make dishes that are sure to put some spring in your step...and your kitchen!

Pretty in Pink Smoothie Bowl Talk  about color therapy! Filled with superfoods, greens, plant protein, and healthy fat too, this nutrient-dense (and colorful) creation feels like a party in your smoothie bowl! Pitaya, otherwise known as dragon fruit, adds a vibrant pink hue plus omegas and phytonutrients. Blend it all together for a mix that feels as good as it tastes!

Matcha Green Berry Smoothie Bowl Greens and berries combine for the ultimate mix of wholesome beauty foods! Add in a serving of matcha green tea for an antioxidant-rich, mood-boosting source of L-theanine to provide long lasting energy that also calms the mind and relaxes the body!

Blackberry Brain-Boosting Smoothie An energizing blend that can’t be BEET! With blackberries, fresh beets, spinach, and avocado too, it’s filled with key nutrients to help you feel focused AND upBEET! (Enough with the beet puns, I know!)

Sweet Potato Toasts Not exactly toast in the traditional sense, but these slices of sweet potato serve as a base to add the usual toast toppings. While anyone can enjoy this recipe, it is a good naturally grain-free alternative for those trying to reduce gluten or grains. An easy breakfast or nutrient-dense snack that will boost your mood any time of day!

Sweet Potato Toast - A healthy Breakfast alternative

Kale & Quinoa Salad with Carrot Ginger Dressing One of my favorite dishes that I created for the book, The Courage to Rise! Filled with our favorite leafy green, plant-based protein, omega fatty acids and topped off with a colorful carrot ginger dressing, this Asian-inspired salad will flood your body with both nourishment and incredible flavor!

Immunity Noodle Soup  Just because the cold days of winter have passed doesn't mean that we don't crave the warmth and soul nourishment that soup provides. My classic Immunity Soup spring sister has a place in my kitchen all season long. Packed with anti-inflammatory spices and twirl-worthy zucchini noodles to top it off, healing food never tasted so good

Fiesta Sheet Pan Dinner Create a party on your plate with this fiesta-style easy dinner! Enjoy the flavorful combination of the Mexican-inspired veggies and plant-based protein for an ultra satisfying dinner to throw together in the midst of a busy week!

Rainbow Snack Board Lots of nutrients, little effort!! Take the stress out of entertaining with this easy-to-make fun snack board. While there isn’t an exact recipe for creating an epic colorful platter, I'ver created a guide to get you started.

Carrot Top Pesto with Zucchini Pasta This GREEN creation starring carrot tops is slightly spicy and incredibly delicious! Although this isn't a new creation, it minimizes food waste so it is worth repeating. Use this versatile pesto on traditional or spiralized pasta, as a spread, or tossed with roasted vegetables!

Cauliflower Hummus  Everything is coming up CAULIFLOWER! This cool cruciferous veggie has made it's way into our pizza crusts, smoothies, rice, mac n cheese, and more. Now for the latest hack: Roasted cauliflower and tahini blended into a creamy, zesty, and lighter (bean-free) hummus that's made for dipping!

Spring Greens & Lentil Salad A light, cleansing, but nutrient-dense salad that packs a dose of plant-based protein in every bite. Toss this together in a matter of minutes for an easy dish that tastes (and feels!) like a fresh spring garden in a bowl!

Lil' Lemon Squares Talk about feel good food! Say hello to these sweet and slightly tart grain-free treats. Your new best friend when you want instant pleasure + energy. Packed with mood-boosting nutrients and intense citrus flavor cut into bite-sized melt-in-your-mouth tiny squares!

Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie Same amazing wholesome ingredients as the original Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie but served warm in a skillet! Admittedly, this recipe was created when I didn’t have enough time to roll and scoop out the batter and has been a family favorite ever since.

Chocolate Orange Mousse A mood-boosting and brain-boosting treat that will keep your mind happy and body satisfied! The combination of chocolate and avocado spiced with a splash of orange and a dash of cinnamon whips up into the creamiest, dreamiest dessert that feels just as good as it tastes!

CBD Cookie Dough Balls If there was ever a bliss ball deserving of its name, this is it: Loaded with mood-boosting ingredients + an added dose of relaxation! No, the CBD oil will not get you high and can help with anxiety, sleep, pain reduction, and more. A feel good snack that will keep your blood sugar balanced and sweet tooth satisfied.

Spicy Lemon Love Mocktail Meet the mocktail! For when you want to relax with a drink in hand without the alcohol. Simply shake in a shaker, add a rim of cayenne and salt to the glass, and enjoy all the flavors of refreshing lemonade with a fun spicy kick!

Happy cooking and eating!

P.S. If you make any of the recipes, don't forget to tag me on Instagram and show me your creations!


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    Thank you for all your beautiful , inspiring , full of vitality recipes! Your gorgeous pictures make my mouth water 🙂

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