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Nature Knows Best: Eat the Rainbow

Eat a RainbowWe can carve out one thousand excuses before we decide to eat food our body craves, needs, and loves. “After vacation.” “When I’m not working such long hours.” “When the kids go to summer camp.” “When I make more money.” “When I get back to my gym routine.”

But one excuse will become another and another and yet another, and before we know it, we’ll find ourselves still waiting for the perfect moment to begin.

Here’s my question for you: isn’t it worth it to finally toss aside all the excuses so you can inhabit a clean, energetic body that’s beautiful from the inside out, pulsing with the radiance and vibrancy that you have craved for too long? Of course, the answer is a wholehearted, resounding “yes.” Begin today.

Let’s break down how simple it really is... We’re heading into late spring, and the colorful array of fruits and vegetables are overflowing the produce aisles in all their splendid glory.

Color is beautiful, and with the full spectrum all around us, we can literally fill our carts with every hue of the rainbow. 

From luscious greens to vibrant oranges to ruby reds to deeply pigmented purples, if we think in terms of the rainbow, food suddenly gets a lot more enjoyable to pick out, much healthier to take in, and of course, wildly delicious to savor. Then, all you have to do is… eat the rainbow.

Is this super simple?  Yes. Do you already know to do this?  Probably. (Hey, just because you know doesn't mean you do it.)

But here is the thing: when you can start integrating a healthy habit right away that doesn't require too much effort & concentration but yields big results, then it is much more likely to be long-lasting and sustainable.

So rather than waiting for tomorrow or next week, or next month or 10 years from now to be sure you’re eating the minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants on a daily basis, ditch the complicated nutrition charts, forget counting calories and thinking in numbers, simply fill your shopping cart, refrigerator, plate, bowl and body with a rainbow of colors… and shine on.

Color Your Plate

Now, it’s your turn: How are you going to color your plate?  Share one bright & beautiful ingredient that you’re inspired to add in today in the comments below.

P.S.  Bonus points for getting the kids involved.  Ask them to pick a theme color of the day, let them fill a cart with “rainbow foods” at the grocery store or farmer’s market, and then share this nice chart that I created for you to keep track of your progress. (Download the "Did You Color Your Plate" chart here.)


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