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October’s Tiny Change: Eat an Awesome Breakfast Every Day

kale-and-chocolate-pb-j-oats-1 If you’re just joining us, this post is part of the year-long #12tinychanges challenge. Each month we’re implementing one super small, super doable change—over a year it really adds up! You can read about all the changes here and share your progress on Instagram with the hashtag #12tinychanges. (Did I mention that there are lots of theme-related GIVEAWAYS each month?! Read on!)

Since October is my favorite month of the year and breakfast is my favorite (and most important!) meal of the day, I decided to turn our attention to how we take care of ourselves first thing in the morning early on in the challenge. After all, it’s hard to feel amazing throughout the rest of your day if you’re getting up when it’s still dark and heading out the door on a cup of coffee and an empty stomach!

When we make the time to eat something nourishing and healthy first thing in the morning, we’re setting the tone for the rest of the day! We're making ourselves the priority, not our schedules or our to do lists. We’re also balancing our blood sugar, giving ourselves an energy source to draw on, and taking a few moments to center ourselves before we venture into the fray.

So with that in mind, here are a few tips that will help you navigate this month’s 12 Tiny Changes Challenge. Let’s do this!

If you’re not eating breakfast

1. Figure out why it’s not happening Do you dislike traditional breakfast food? Do you feel like you don’t have enough time? (Number one excuse!) Does eating early in the morning turn your stomach? Once you know your "why", you’ll be able to make changes accordingly!

2. Try different dishes if you don’t like breakfast food You’re not actually required to eat pancakes for breakfast - or eggs or smoothies. If you’d prefer immunity soup or guac-kale-mole or roasted root vegetables for breakfast, make your own rules! Or just move your breakfast from the sweet to the savory end of the spectrum. (It may help reduce sugar cravings later in the day!)

3. Prep your breakfasts ahead of time In September, our theme for the #12tinychanges was to devote a few hours to meal prep each week. When we think of meal prep, we’re usually focused on getting dinner on the table, but guess what? You can prep for breakfast, too! Make yourself one huge batch of overnight oats and eat them every morning. Chop and peel all your fruits and veggies so they’re ready for smoothies; whip up a big batch of chia seed pudding. You get the idea!

4. If you truly can’t eat breakfast, then have a mid-morning snack ready There are a few people out there who really feel sick if they eat first thing in the morning. Try starting with a really mild, simple breakfast (like sprouted toast).  If that doesn’t work, make sure you have snacks ready to go. Pack some lemony coconut bliss balls or roasted chickpeas. That way you’ll have energy to get through the day even if you don’t eat until 10 am.


If you’re already eating breakfast every day, up your game!

My awesome friend Ksenia – of Breakfast Criminals fame – has been a major influence and has inspired me to take my breakfast to the next level. If you, too, are already nourishing yourself in the morning, but you want to do even better, here are two more things you can try.

1. Double-check that your go-to breakfast is serving you Many of us (myself included) are creatures of habit. If you’ve been eating the same breakfast for years, why not make sure that it’s right for you? Who knows – maybe you’d have more energy and focus if you started your day with a protein-rich vegetable frittata! Maybe you’d stay full longer if you loaded up on healthy fats with an egg baked in an avocado or homemade almond bread slathered with nut butter and chia jam. Experiment with different types of breakfasts and take note of how you feel for the rest of the morning. Changing your breakfast can change your day! Plain & simple.

2. Make your breakfast more interesting (and nutritious!) If you’ve found a few breakfasts that are easy to make—and help you feel great—experiment with your faves. There are so many delicious, healthy ingredients that you can sprinkle over and stir into your oats, smoothies, parfaits and quinoa porridge! I love cacao nibs, shredded coconut, goji berries, bee pollen, hemp hearts—you can see my long list of favorite nutritional boosts here.

Have I convinced you? Breakfast can (and should!) be easy and energy-giving. In fact, Ksenia and I are so passionate about the life-changing power of this meal, we want to give you the tools to make your breakfasts even better. Each week this month we’ll be giving away either a Breakfast Criminal heart-shaped bowl or a copy of Ksenia’s ebook filled with 100 amazing breakfast recipes.

To enter, simply share your breakfast creations on Instagram with the #12tinychanges and tag (and follow!) @kaleandchocolate @breakfastcriminals. We’ll choose one winner each Sunday night throughout October.

Happy breakfast-ing!

P.S. I’ve made a little cheat sheet so that you can follow along easily. Simply download the “12 Tiny Changes at a Glance” for an easy reminder of how we’re going make this year amazing!

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