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Less Is More in 2015

Happy Healthy 2015My favorite part about this time of year? The enthusiasm that swirls around health & wellness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, eat better, start a new fitness program, quit sugar, nothing is more energizing than a proclamation to feel great – inside & out.

My least favorite part about this time of year? These proclamations last only a few months, weeks or even… cringe… days, before they fizzle out. Why? Because these lofty decrees for a healthier life almost always guarantee an epic failure, leaving little room for human error and lots of room for guilt when you “cheat,” by not sticking with your well-meaning intentions.

But, don’t ditch those monumental goals just yet.

There is a better way to create a healthy lifestyle while keeping your expectations reasonable. This isn’t giving in or giving up. It’s being realistic about what you can achieve and celebrating small milestones along the way.

The best part: feeling healthier doesn’t have to involve major life upheaval or herculean efforts. Lasting results usually come from consistent small actions and subtle shifts that lead to new and healthier habits.

If you’re ready for a gentler (and more realistic!) approach, let’s release the extremes:

“That’s it. Every carb is evil. I’m cutting them out—forever!” “I’ll hit the gym every single morning at 5 am!” “I’m never giving into a craving… ever, ever again!”

And replace these statements with more effective ways to work towards your healthiest and most radiant self.

Introducing: LESS and MORE. Think…

Less: “knowing” a lot about nourishment, food & loving your body. More: “doing” by preparing wholesome meals (using real food) ahead of time, scheduling enjoyable workouts, and indulging in daily love-drenched pep talks. (That’s YOU, smart & savvy woman, don't you finally want to put all that knowledge into action?!)

Less: time spent in your head  overthinking, overanalyzing and overcomplicating. More: LIVING and enjoying your life instead of worrying about what you can’t control.

Less: rushing around and shoveling in mindless meals and snacks. (Hey, what did I just eat?) More: satisfying eating experiences where you savor and enjoy beautiful food and create real connection with yourself and others at mealtimes.

Less: succumbing to pressures from outside sources telling you what you “should” and “must” do. More: making decisions based on trusting your intuition and tapping into how you want to feel.

Less: viewing cravings as the enemy that needs to be “conquered." More: curiosity about what your body is trying to communicate. (Did I eat enough? Are my meals balanced? Is this really about the food?)

Less: heading straight for the fridge when you’re looking for emotional support… and not actually hungry. More: checking in with yourself about what’s really going on. Are you stressed, anxious, tired, upset or bored?

Less: skipping breakfast because you “don’t have time” and finding yourself famished, light headed and wanting to consume everything in sight by the time lunch rolls around. More: leaving yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to eat a nourishing and well-balanced breakfast. When you start taking care of your body in the AM, you make it much easier to continue making healthy choices all day long. (It works!)

Less: collapsing on the couch with “nothing to eat” except takeout after a long day of work (because you don’t have the ingredients/energy to cook a proper meal). More: shopping and prepping meals on the weekend so you can prepare quick & easy (but tasty and beautiful) meals during the week that don't require tons of time & energy.

Less: rules and all or nothing attitudes about food (banning entire food groups, labeling food as “good” or “bad”). More: focus on noticing which foods nourish your body and feel good in your body. Bring out your inner nutritionist!

Less: comparing your body to the woman on the cover of your favorite magazine or the yoga mat next to you... and feeling "less than." More: appreciation for what you do love about your body and awareness of the negative thoughts when they  arise. (You are GOOD ENOUGH!)

Less: saying “I’ll start dating/ask for a raise/go on that amazing vacation… when I lose 20 pounds.More: living your life full out NOW. Stop waiting on the weight to be happy.

And lastly I invite you to join me in my own personal “less” and “more” for the year to come. In 2015 I want to spend…

Less: time engaging with blinking/buzzing screens, texts and virtual conversations. More: connecting with real live humans – in person and in the real world (so stay tuned for details on LIVE upcoming retreats + workshops this year… they’re gonna be delicious!).

Now I’d love to hear from you: What do you want to do LESS and MORE of in 2015? Share in the comments below, so we can inspire one another.


  • Jenny says:

    Less: Doing what I think I should do.
    More: Doing what makes me feel great.
    Following my bliss is the only way to success!

  • Silvia says:

    Thank you Elise for bringing some common sense into the equation! Ruling anything out entirely using broad stokes is, I believe a recipe for disaster. It actually works against you even if you stick to the plan because it makes whatever you rule out an enemy; something to fear…and we know how that goes…”What you resist persists”!

  • Rebecca says:

    Less: Over-thinking and over-planning when it comes to eating.
    More: Listening to my body to tell me when I’m hungry/what I should eat as opposed to letting a clock or a diet book tell me when/how often/what I should eat.

  • Lauri says:

    Less thinking about connecting with Elise!
    More actually trying to connect with Elise!
    Miss you!
    Cheers to 2015!!

  • Leanne says:

    Less – self criticism
    More – self acceptance, at 51 it’s about time!
    Thought provoking post, thanks

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