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New Recipes to Put Some Spring in Your Step (and Your Kitchen)

New Recipes to Put Some Spring in Your Step (and Your Kitchen)

We talk a lot around here about meal prep, self-care, self-love, listening to your body, and creating more positive thoughts. But having a healthy relationship with food isn’t just about getting organized and rewriting the stories in your mind - it’s also about cooking and eating! So with spring upon us, let’s bring fun and joy back to the kitchen and feed our bodies the nutrients they need to look (and feel!) their best. There’s no better time to add color, vibrancy, and total nourishment to your plate, then enjoy every bite without a morsel of guilt.

To help you feel naturally lighter and brighter this season, I’ve been very busy behind the scenes creating a bunch of brand new recipes. So let’s dust off our kitchen tools and head to the farmer’s, here are 21 (!) simple, delicious, and easy-to-make dishes that are sure to put some spring in your step...and your kitchen!

New Recipes to Put Some Spring in Your Step (and Your Kitchen)

Snickerdoodle Smoothie Bowl Not exactly cookies for breakfast, but the next best {healthy} thing! Meet my newest blend that happens to tastes just like a fresh out of the oven cinnamon-infused treat but with a nourishing twist: zucchini, oats, flax, cashew butter, and anti-inflammatory spices combine into an energizing and mood-boosting creation. No baking required!

PB & J Smoothie Bowl Recreate the carefree days of your childhood with the memorable tastes of your favorite sandwich. Filled with fresh berries, hidden veggies, and nutty goodness, whip up this creamy (and satisfying!) peanut butter & jelly bowl whenever you want to nourish and reawaken your playful inner child.

Matcha Green Berry Smoothie Bowl Greens and berries combine for the ultimate colorful and nutrient-dense mix of beauty foods that make you feel good, too! Add in a serving of matcha green tea for an antioxidant-rich, mood-boosting source of L-theanine to provide long lasting energy that also calms the mind and relaxes the body!

D's ABC Smoothie When my son Daniel was young, I made this creamy combo of almond butter, banana, and chocolate on repeat. Now that he’s grown up and in college, it’s time for this much-loved creation to grow up, too. My boy’s favorite blend gets a nutritional boost from superfoods and hidden veggies. (Lucky for me, he approved of this updated version…!)

Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie  My husband's favorite combination! Filled to the brim with antioxidants, a mega dose of vitamin C, and a creamy coconut base, this pretty in pink creation is not only satisfying but also reminiscent of one of summer’s quintessential desserts.

New Recipes to Put Some Spring in Your Step (and Your Kitchen)

Immunity Noodle Soup  Just because the cold days of winter have passed doesn't mean that we don't crave the warmth and soul nourishment that soup provides. My classic Immunity Soup gets a spring sister here: all the same ginger, turmeric, garlic, and veggie-filled nourishment, but with a lighter, plant-based twist: twirl-worthy zucchini noodles! Healing food never tasted so good.

Homemade Vegetable Broth Not sure what to do with all those extra veggies at the end of the week? I’ve got you covered with a simple homemade vegetable broth that will not only cut down on food waste  but will also support your gut health, too. Use it as a base for soups or to cook your quinoa and other grains.

Blended Green Soup This creamy blended soup can help create a spritely spring feeling in less than 10 minutes! Filled with seven veggies, avocado, cashews, jalapeño, and lime juices, just one bowl will leave you feeling impossibly light and bright.

Fiesta Sweet Potatoes Create a party on your plate with a nutrient-dense and delicious plant-based meal! Simply prepare the sweet potatoes and then pile on all the colorful (and flavorful!) toppings for a satisfying and energizing dish to throw together in the midst of a busy week.

Carrot Top Pesto with Zucchini Pasta This GREEN creation starring carrot tops is slightly spicy, incredibly delicious, and also minimizes food waste. Use this versatile pesto on traditional or spiralized pasta, as a spread on bread, or tossed with roasted vegetables, especially carrots!

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Cauliflower Hummus  Everything is coming up CAULIFLOWER! This cool cruciferous veggie has made it's way into our pizza crusts, smoothies, rice, mac n cheese, and more. Now for the latest hack: Roasted cauliflower and tahini blended into a creamy, zesty, and lighter (bean-free) hummus that's made for dipping!

Lavender Chia Pudding Relax into the day with the magical powers of lavender. This new (and insanely delicious) chia pudding creation is infused with my go-to naturally calming, stress-reducing ingredient to soothe your body and ease your mind.

Rainbow Buddha Bowl  Add in the full spectrum of colors to create a rounded, overflowing bowl that resembles a Buddha's belly. There's no easier way to eat the rainbow!

Spring Greens & Lentil Salad This dish is light, yet loaded with fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients to nourish (and satisfy!) your mind and body. I've been making this almost too pretty to eat salad on repeat this season.

Cabbage Crunch Trust your gut…and, of course, focus on foods to nourish it, too. When you feed the brain in your belly all the right nutrients, you also support your mind and your emotional well-being. This newly updated salad is loaded with bright cruciferous veggies, cilantro, sesame seeds, and cashews in a zesty lime dressing.

Collard Wraps Roll all those colorful spring vegetables into a sturdy and nutrient-dense collard leaf. Then, dip your "green sandwich" into the creamy tahini dressing for the ultimate (and easiest!) veggie experience!

New Recipes to Put Some Spring in Your Step (and Your Kitchen)

Superfood Fudgsicles A creamy and decadent treat that will remind you of one of your favorite childhood classic desserts, minus the sugar and dairy! Made with coconut milk, cacao, and avocado then topped with nutrient-dense superfoods, get ready to satisfy your most stubborn sweet tooth.

Banana Splits When sugar cravings strike, here's what to do: Simply slice up a banana, drizzle on some melted chocolate, and then top with whatever nutritional boosts your sweet tooth desires!

Crave-worthy Chocolate Chip Cookies A chewy, decadent, and delicious oatmeal chocolate chip treat that happens to be vegan and gluten-free! Grab a fresh glass of DIY nut milk because these cookies are made for dunking!

Lavender Latte A calming latte that will soothe your mind and body! Relax into the moment as you steep the lavender in coconut milk, and then simply sip, sit, and savor!

Beet Root Latte A new hot latte that can’t be BEET! Because why not start the day (or afternoon) with a mood-boosting and energizing cozy cup that’s almost too pretty to drink! 

New Recipes to Put Some Spring in Your Step (and Your Kitchen)

Last but not least, this recipe is an absolute must. It will improve all your creations, making them taste (and feel!) a whole lot better. Keep these essential “ingredients” on hand (and in your heart) always:

Healthy Relationship with Food

  • Begin with love for yourself and your body
  • Choose real food grown with care and affection
  • Add vibrant color to bring spring’s best home
  • Slow down and enjoy what you’ve made
  • Put it on a plate (and maybe share it with friends or family!)
  • Sit down and be present while you eat
  • Let go of perfection and rediscover what’s perfect for you
  • Kiss food guilt goodbye to really savor each bite
  • Turn down the food noise and listen to your body and yourself
  • Listen to your body and get to know its voice
  • Think healthy thoughts about your food, your body, your world
  • Enjoy kale and chocolate

Mix it all together, blend in self-care and self-love to taste, and make your kitchen your happy place this spring.

Here’s to a delicious season of nourishing cooking, eating, and thinking!